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Snapshot: House of Meats - Tampa, FL

Literally next door to Huracan Supermarket is the House of Meats at 502 E Sligh Ave.
This store, whose target market is presumably not vegetarians, looks to be slightly larger than Huracan and is similarly a Latin-centered store, although it appears to have a much heavier emphasis on the meat and seafood and sell less grocery.
Interstate 275 passes right by the side of this store, explaining the large sign sticking out from behind the store.
Once again, we see signs in both English and Spanish. I don't think the business's name is any less silly in Spanish.
And really, is anyone going to be driving by on the interstate, see the sign, and say "Oh yeah, I should stop and pick up some meats"? Not exactly an impulse-buy item!
House of Meats doesn't seem overly popular, but then Huracan was pretty empty too. Probably an off-time for grocery shopping. There's not too many other markets in the immediate area, but there is a Save-A-Lot just north of here at 8320 N Florida Ave.
There's also a Bravo a while west at Sligh Ave and Armenia Ave. It seems to be the same owners as the one we saw on Monday, and to have similar stock, sales-floor size, and decor problems. There is another House of Meats at 1910 E Fletcher Ave.