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Memorabilia: Acme Keychain!

Still trying to figure out the history on this one.
 This keychain, which is blank on the other side, was probably given away as a promotional item for some special event. It likely came from the Acme on Magie Ave in Union, NJ, and the logo design suggests the 1960s or 70s. It's possible that it was given away at an event such as a grand re-opening after a renovation.


  1. I have a similar one from way back in the day. They were given out at the checkout whenever they would get them in from corporate. Other places would have been grand openings and booths at expo centers... never at renovations. Very cool find! I'll have to share mine sometime.

    1. OK, so maybe it was more like a special event that Acme hosted or was a part of in the area. Thanks for the info!


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