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Snapshot: Fine Fare Circular

The circular is a pretty mundane aspect of any given supermarket. It's a useful but generally unattractive, necessary part of the business. So I appreciate it when a supermarket doesn't take itself too seriously and can use something like the circular to joke around a little.
Remember the Fine Fare on 33rd St in Union City? If you don't, check out the tour here. Their circular gives an...introduction to the store's quality standards.
This panel reads:

"We have the largest and freshest eggs, the whitest milk, the coldest ice, the spiciest peppers, the clearest water, the sweetest sugar, and the saltiest salt in the area."


  1. I don't think I could've said it better myself!

    1. I agree!

      Hey, I saw you had the same comment twice, so I deleted the second one. Not sure if that was a mistake, but I've set it so that I have to approve comments now to minimize spam.

    2. It may have been because I was commenting from my mobile device and I had tried to hit the back button on the browser from the submission page, and I might've hit it twice.


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