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TOUR: CTown Supermarkets - Grasmere, Staten Island, NY

This 6300 square foot store opened in 2014, soon after the Port Richmond CTown burned down. But while that CTown was owned by Nick Nasser, whose stores have a history of spontaneous combustion in Staten Island, South Amboy (twice!), and the Bronx -- gee, what a coincidence! (I hope you can feel the sarcasm dripping from that statement) -- this CTown is owned by Omar Hamdan, the brother of the owner of the very successful and attractive Met Fresh and Metropolitan CityMarket (now Associated) in Bay Ridge.
The entrance and exit are on the far left side of the store, with deli and produce lining the left side. Meats run along the back wall of the store, which then becomes the first grocery aisle (the aisles run parallel to the storefront). Frozen lines the right side wall, with dairy on the front wall to the right of the checkouts.
An overview of the produce department. Deli is on the side wall near the entrance.
This is a beautiful store, even though it's so small. The layout is actually quite similar to the Top Tomato we saw on Sunday.
An overview from the back corner of the store. The high ceiling also helps the store, especially since it's actually an A-frame room from front to back. So unlike the ACME stores, the roof slants towards the front and back of the store, not the sides.
Meat lines the back wall of the store, which becomes aisle 1. Now, although I've complained about this previously, I sure can see those aisle markers!
Frozen foods on the side wall of the store.
Aisle 2 and 3...
And dairy on the front wall next to the checkouts.
I hope this store continues to do well! It's beautiful but in a very odd location, all the way at the back of a strip mall so that it's not even visible from Clove Road. Good luck!

CTown Supermarkets
2071 Clove Rd, Grasmere, Staten Island, NY
Photographed March 2020


  1. Wow, that sure is odd about the other C-Towns all burning down...

    1. I'm fairly sure it's not a coincidence, but of course I don't have any evidence of that...


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