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TOUR: Shop Fair Supermarkets - Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY

Like our last Shop Fair, this one is a former Associated-turned-Key Food owned by Walid Shehahdeh, but at 9200 square feet, it's almost double the size of the 4121 Church store.
The layout here is kind of similar, with produce and then dairy in the first aisle. Here, however, deli/bakery is at the end of the first aisle, with meats on the back wall and frozen in the last aisle. Where 4121 has deli, 2720 (this one) has customer service.
The blue ceiling is similar to the Ideal on Brooklyn Ave. I'd also point out that there's a fair amount of actual decor in this store, with curving walls, light features, and prominent lettering. A lot of urban stores have very little decor.
Interesting cardboard aisle marker fix there.
The dairy cases and grocery shelving are very new.
I spy with my little eye a Key Food logo left behind from the 2014-2017 time that this operated as a Key Food. This store, by the way, has been owned by Shehahdeh since 1984.
Meats on the back wall, in cases that also look pretty new.
Updated grocery shelving and here we have an aisle marker with the correct number on it!
Frozen lines the last aisle.
Customer service in the front corner behind the bread shelf.
This is painful to look at. "Thank you" is installed correctly but the light over it is burnt out. "For" and "With" are perfect, but shopping has its p's and g installed incorrectly, while the capital S that's supposed to be at the beginning of Shopping instead turns a peaceful "Us" into a scream of "US" (plus, it's installed upside down anyway). Oof. Also, I'm assuming these checkout lane markers date back to 1984 judging by the pink and turquoise color scheme, which I'll point out we've actually seen before. That is an unfortunate way to end a very solid supermarket, which is also our last on Church Avenue. (It's three blocks west to Flatbush Ave, then another three to Church Fruit Farm, by the way.) But we've already been out that way, so our next direction is to turn north onto Nostrand Ave (seven and a half blocks north of the last store we saw on Nostrand).

Shop Fair Supermarkets

2720 Church Ave, Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY
Photographed May 2019


  1. Yikes indeed at that Thank You sign. That's a shame.

    1. It is -- and it makes me wonder how that single sign missed the mark so badly, when the rest of the store looks really good.

      Also, thanks for all your comments, Retail Retell! At least I know there's one person out there reading the blog :)

    2. My pleasure! You put out great content and have an awesomely-designed webpage, to boot. Surely there are lots of people enjoying it! :)


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