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TOUR: Food Dynasty Supermarkets - Prospect Lefferts Gardens, Brooklyn, NY

In 2012, Maher Othman, the owner of the Key Food at 786 Flatbush opened a new supermarket about two -- long -- blocks east. Unfortunately, it wasn't maintained nearly as well as the 10-year-old (at the time) Key Food, probably because they were informed at some point that the building they were in was to be demolished for a new mixed-use development. The store is approximately 9,000 square feet but feels much larger because it was mostly empty. Both of customers and stock. The store closed later in 2019.
Produce at the front of the first aisle, with dairy at the back of the first aisle. Meat runs along the back wall, frozen in the last aisle. Because the store is very deep, the aisles are split with a middle aisle.
Quite an odd combination of colors, and the floor is pretty badly scratched. It's not a great looking store.
The meat department, which once included the entire back wall and part of the side wall, has been cut back to a much smaller selection. Much of the area is empty.
You can notice that, although the shelves are fronted nicely, many products are not stocked more than one or two deep. A classic sign of a low-volume store.
Flooring has been partially replaced in the international aisle.
Frozen foods, with mostly empty grocery shelving facing, in the last aisle. You can also see the empty frozen cases at the front end of this aisle.
As you can see, the store is generally disorganized and badly stocked. A very big change from the Flatbush Ave Key Food, so that's why I figure they were informed that the store would be closing. Maybe they had a seven-year lease or something that ended and they were just waiting it out.
Dividing aisle in the middle of the store.
A very scattered front-end rounds out our tour of this store.
I'll point out before we leave that the only music in the store was coming from that boom box above the third register light (which, of course, is not turned on). This store was the single miss in a day full of hits here in Prospect Lefferts Gardens and Flatbush, but we end on a strong note with tomorrow's tour -- come back soon!

Food Dynasty Supermarkets

210 Clarkson Ave, Prospect Lefferts Gardens, Brooklyn, NY
Now closed
Photographed May 2019