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TOUR: Met Foodmarkets - Castleton Corners, Staten Island, NY

It's the return of Food Connection! We've seen this store before, which is owned by Bill Fani under his company Food Connection, but only as a quick snapshot. We're now returning for a full tour of the store! We have also seen Food Connection's Met Foods and Village Barn in Middle Village, NY.
Built as a barrel roof A&P, this store later became a Duane Reade pharmacy before reopening as a supermarket around 2009. It's just north of the SuperFresh, at the corner of Manor Road and Victory Blvd.
There is one entrance each at the front and rear of the store, with checkouts running along the wall we're looking at here. Produce lines the back wall, with deli/bakery and seafood lining the front wall. Meat runs along the wall opposite the one we're looking at, with aisles running parallel to the front and back walls.
The store is a little less than 10,000 square feet, and although it feels very cramped, it also has a huge selection.
Very nicely stocked aisles with an effective mix of basic and specialty items.
Frozen foods towards the front wall of the store. These cases look older than 2009, so it's possible they were secondhand from another supermarket. Possibly even the Waldbaum's/King Kullen that was in the same mall where SuperFresh is now.
I didn't get a picture of dairy, but I think it's about halfway across the store.
A very popular and very large deli on the front wall, with a seafood department in the front corner.
Looks like this department is an outside vendor that leases the space in the supermarket. This is a very common arrangement, especially for smaller stores that don't necessarily have the infrastructure to run a full seafood department themselves. That pretty much wraps up our tour, so head over to Grocery Archaeology tomorrow to see inside a former supermarket just up the street!

Met Foodmarkets

1795 Victory Blvd, Castleton Corners, Staten Island, NY
Photographed March 2020