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TOUR: CTown Supermarkets - PLG, Brooklyn, NY

Our second CTown on Nostrand Avenue, this northern location is the older of the two. (See here for a tour of the newer.) At 3600 square feet, this location is even smaller than the other by 200 square feet.
Owner Samer Abdel Hamid opened this store in 1999 (though it may have been a different supermarket previously). Ownership changed in 2016, approximately when the new store was being opened, to Amina Abdel Hamid, who I'd speculated is Samer's sister.
I've said it before and I'll say it again. I like CTown a lot and I always find their stores (with very few exceptions) very welcoming, attractive, and affordable. They've done a lot to shed the image of being old, dirty, and expensive that they solidly had maybe 15 years ago.
As we can see, this store is much older-looking than the other, but no less clean and well-stocked. Produce lines the front half of the first aisle, with frozen at the back half. Meat lines the back wall with poultry extending into the last aisle and dairy in the front section of the last aisle.
Quite a selection for a very tiny space. And look how nicely stocked that pasta is!
Back wall.
The grocery shelving appears to be newer than the rest of the store. Also, if you look carefully at the aisle marker, it looks like the CTown logo was placed over something else. This store may have operated under the Food County banner for a time, but I don't have a photograph to confirm that.
How about that? Chicken, candles, lightbulbs, cookies, and hamburger rolls in the same aisle. But that's quite a selection for a supermarket that's smaller than many convenience stores.
Dairy in the front part of the aisle. Like the 1762 location, this store has only four aisles.
Paper goods and cleaning supplies stacked along the front end...
For a very, very, very different experience, we'll be heading directly across the street for our next store tomorrow. Stay tuned!

CTown Supermarkets

1362 Nostrand Ave, Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY
Photographed May 2019