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Look Inside: SuperFresh - Bloomfield, NJ

Owner: unknown
Opened: 2020
Previous Tenants: Stop & Shop > A&P > SuperFresh Food World
Cooperative: Key Food Stores
Location: 19 Belleville Ave, Bloomfield, NJ
Photographed: February 2021
We're coming back to the former A&P here in Bloomfield, a 32,000 square foot building built as a Stop & Shop back in the 60s and taken over by A&P in 1980. In 2016, it re-opened as a SuperFresh Food World and it was sold (or possibly just rebranded, I'm not sure) in late 2020. It's now just a SuperFresh.
The Walgreens next to the store was built as a Medi-Mart, owned by Stop & Shop. The facade was renovated about a year after SuperFresh Food World opened.
The store seems to use about 50% refurbished Walmart carts (minus the Walmart logo) and 50% former Kmart carts, likely from the recently-closed West Orange location nearby, also with the logos removed but the cutout KMART text on the side remains. I believe these carts briefly appeared at some of the Kings stores around the area, but they still had the promotional inserts ("Explore spring fashions at Kmart!") which SuperFresh has removed.
I've gotta say, that SuperFresh logo is really eye-catching. It looks great in the context of this newly renovated strip mall. Inside, the store looks pretty much the same (although there are no longer Food World logos around, they've all been replaced with SuperFresh logos). The selection has been angled a bit more upscale, with much more natural and organic selections along with more local products such as the full line of Joe Tea which is made in neighboring Montclair.
(Check out how nicely the aisles are stocked. This goes for the entire store.) This wraps up our quick update here at the SuperFresh in Bloomfield, but make sure to check out our other two stores today, the former ACME in the same strip mall and the Foodtown downtown! Tomorrow we'll head out to southeastern Bloomfield for a store here on The Market Report.