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Update: Foodtown - Caldwell, NJ

Super Foodtown of Caldwell
Owner: Jack Shakoor / Jack's Supermarkets
Opened: ca. 1999
Previous Tenants: multiple small supermarkets > Hy's Foodtown (1960s-ca. 1999)
Cooperative: Allegiance Retail Services
Location: 370 Bloomfield Ave, Caldwell, NJ
Photographed: December 2021
We return once again to check on the progress at Jack's Super Foodtown in Caldwell, NJ! We last stopped by in November. While the signage has yet to go up, the exterior is otherwise almost done. Fake windows have been installed on the front wall (at least, I assume they're fake because the dairy department lines the front wall). 
I believe there will also be awnings added over the windows. By the way, using Groceteria's awesome new list of Bloomfield-Montclair and suburbs, we can find out that there were quite a few grocery stores that were all combined into one large space. Here's the list:
  • 366 Bloomfield Ave: ACME in 1945, Hy's Foodtown by 1965
  • 368 Bloomfield Ave: National Grocery Co., open by 1931, closed by 1945
  • 370 Bloomfield Ave: current address of the Foodtown, which is technically 362-372 Bloomfield combined into one large building
  • 372 Bloomfield Ave: American Food Co. in 1925, Mutual Grocery Co. in 1931
360 Bloomfield Ave, the next space next to the Foodtown to the left in the above picture, was also an A&P and later a Safeway.
The rear entrance to Jack's Foodtown is also being remodeled. The new exterior is really nice, a big improvement over the previous exterior, and a much better fit for the small-town setting of Caldwell. Now for a few interior updates:
First, not sure if I've previously shown a picture of the health and beauty section, which faces the registers in what is more or less the first aisle. Produce and wine/beer are on the other side of this wall.
And second, four shiny new self-checkouts have been installed on the front-end. Very helpful for customers who are just buying a few items for convenience, which is a big selling point of this store because of its central location and smaller size. I'll do my best to get back and check out the remodeled exterior once it's done! For now, don't forget to check out what else we have today here.