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Update: SuperFresh Food World - Belleville, NJ

SuperFresh Food World
Owner: Howard Lee / Food World Supermarkets
Opened: 2016
Previous Tenants: Pathmark
Cooperative: Key Food Stores
Location: 115 Belmont Ave, Belleville, NJ
Photographed: December 2021
Here's another one we've been seeing a lot of lately, and not a whole lot has changed here since our November update. The biggest change is that the exterior remodel is complete, with some minor changes to the facade and the addition of brick columns along the front wall. Unfortunately, it seems that all the signage was removed from the storefront and then put back up once the new facade was done. So we are stuck with this horrible SuperFresh Food World logo for now, at least. The rest of the store looks really good.
As I mentioned before, I believe the arrangement was that the SuperFresh and its parking lot were sold to Food World, while the far end of the property where the new apartments and retail are is owned by a separate developer. Those buildings are done...
These are looking really good! Worth noting that this property is all of 1000 feet from the light rail station that takes riders into downtown Newark (which, of course, is a major city but also a place that can act as an intermediary stop on the way into New York City) -- and that is the key selling point of these residential units. That's all for this SuperFresh Food World, but we have a few other stops today, and with any luck this link will work!