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Happy Birthday to NJ Supermarkets!

Exactly one year ago today, the NJ Supermarkets blog began! Glad that I've made it a full year. Hey, that's better than some supermarkets. I think the blog has developed quite a bit from the start to today -- hopefully for the better. I started this blog thinking, "I wonder if I can do this?" I guess I can! This is the blog's 128th post, which is pretty amazing considering it seems like just yesterday I was writing my Welcome post. Thanks for reading...we're up to almost 21,000 views now!

We'll be doing a "grand reopening" soon when I get all the new features up and running, so stay tuned! In the meantime, the discussion forums are now open and I'll have a new Store Tour tomorrow, as usual. And be sure to check out our new Facebook page at for news updates and previews of what's to come here on the blog! I have a lot of cool stuff lined up to post there that won't be here on the blog.

Oh, and by the way, the "let's celebrate" is a suggestion -- I don't exactly have anything planned, but a surprise party wouldn't be refused. Just saying.


  1. Congrats on one year! Good job on remaining consistent with posting, that takes a lot of effort, and you're doing it great! Keep up the good work!

  2. Congrats! I've enjoyed reading your posts, and look forward to more. Running a blog, I've discovered, can be pretty difficult to do amongst other time commitments, but you've done an awesome job of churning out new content regularly - no small feat!

  3. Congrats from me as well! It really takes a lot to keep a blog going, and you certainly have done a good job with that over the last year! Keep the posts coming!

  4. Jeez! I'm so late on things lately! Happy First Anniversary! Here's to many more posts and views for the next year!


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