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Snapshot: Whole Foods - Montclair, NJ

Today we're going back to see some pictures I took a while ago, of a Whole Foods Market in Montclair that opened as a Food Fair, then was converted to Pantry Pride. Fresh Fields, an independent natural-foods store, took over after that before the chain was bought out by Whole Foods.
The art-deco tower is left over from Food Fair.
Due (I believe) to local ordinances, the store's signs are all backlit, but not the standard light-up signs.
Soon after this store opened, Whole Foods took over the nearby Pathmark in West Orange, which is about double the size of this store. Consequently, people use this store as a convenience store and the West Orange location as a full supermarket. That is, those who can afford to do their full shopping at Whole Foods. Everyone else uses the Essex Green ShopRite in West Orange!