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Snapshot: Compare Foods - Worcester, MA plus...

We saw the America's Food Basket in Worcester last month. AFB is the far smaller of the two urban/ethnic-based stores in downtown Worcester, the other being this Compare Foods.
This Compare Foods is actually enormous inside. It looks like a good size from the outside, but it goes way back. You enter at the far end of the storefront and checkouts run along that side wall. Deli/bakery/hot food are where the windows are, and produce is in the front corner where the black SUV is. Meat runs along the right-side wall and aisles run perpendicular to the street. Inside is a full restaurant with hot food, seating, and sandwiches, a pharmacy (unusual in these smaller ethnic stores), a cell-phone retailer, a money-order counter, a clothing and accessories retailer, and of course, a full grocery selection. It was quite impressive, and clearly well cared-for by management. But the best thing about the store?
The tres leches cake from the bakery department. For only $2.25 you get a generous slice of some of the most delicious cake you're ever going to taste in your life.
Yes. If you're ever in or around Worcester, MA, you have to get the tres leches cake from the bakery.

And by the way, posting on the Facebook page will happen, going forward, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with some cool exclusive content that isn't on the blog -- including previews of the store tours!


  1. Mmm.. yum! If I'm ever up there, I'll have to get some! Also, I continued the conversation on the post titled "Snapshot: Farmers Market by Food Bazaar"

    1. You sure do! And thanks for pointing that out...sometimes I don't notice later posts like that. I will respond!


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