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Snapshot: Farmers Market by Food Bazaar

Food Bazaar opened their Bridgeport, CT store in 2010. It was a huge former Shaw's that was completely renovated by Bogopa (Food Bazaar's owner) and it is a major success for the company. So much so that the nearby Food World IGA couldn't make it.
2011 image from Google Maps. Not even with their (very nice) facade renovations could Food World survive. So Food Bazaar took over, opening the 25,000-square-foot store as a Farmers Market by Food Bazaar in October 2015.
The Farmers Market is beautiful and contains deli, meat, seafood, and produce departments at full scale and small grocery, dairy, and frozen selections. Actually there was a very large frozen selection -- the entire store was ICE COLD. I swear the air conditioning must have been down in the 50s in there. I don't get it! Check out the interior here.

And happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!


  1. Neat snapshot! Have a great Thanksgiving. I'm surprised this store is only 25,000 sq. ft. It looks huge on the outside!

    1. Thanks, you too! It's very small, actually. I guess it's pretty shallow, so it doesn't go far back.

  2. Hi supermarketfan-- sad to say, but my blog will be no longer. I've had trouble keeping up with it lately, and I just had to end it.

    1. That's a shame. I really liked what you had posted, but I understand. I have some questions for you -- do you have an email address I could reach you at? If you prefer, you can send me an email at

    2. Is it okay if you just ask your questions here? I'm low on storage at my Gmail (I only have one email address), and I can't delete any emails, as I also use it for work.

      Also, check out this great shot that I found on Google of my local Stop & Shop-- it's awesome! Kudos to the person who took it.!1s0x89c4727c0b0a7d7f%3A0xcdcc167b210e3a21!2m22!2m2!1i80!2i80!3m1!2i20!16m16!1b1!2m2!1m1!1e1!2m2!1m1!1e3!2m2!1m1!1e5!2m2!1m1!1e4!2m2!1m1!1e6!3m1!7e115!!5sstop%20and%20shop%20phillipsburg%20-%20Google%20Search&imagekey=!1e10!2sAF1QipMoV9UGGt8KcIo5iSf3uga381LO7mllKgk1Gw0l&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiNv5iU7N_XAhWFQ98KHSvMD_cQoioIezAK (Wow, that's a long link if I ever saw one!)

    3. Yeah, pretty cool picture! Not sure if you know about this, but you can use sites like to shorten URLs, just copy and paste in the link and they give you a short one.

      The main thing I wanted to discuss is this...I really liked what you were doing on the Ps and Qs blog. Is there any way we could co-write a blog like that? It seems like you have some content (like the Clinton tour), and if you're worried about keeping up with writing it, I can do the writing, or at least some of the writing. I don't know if you'd have any interest in that, but we could try. Let me know if there's any way that could work.

    4. I've used bitly before, but I stopped using it because somehow they got my cell number, and started sending texts to me.

      Thank you for the kind words! I wouldn't want to start a new blog (I think), but I really like the idea about co-writing. I was thinking of a few ideas...

      - We could expand NJ Supermarkets to "East Coast Supermarkets" or something along the lines of that.

      - I could create a new blog, and we could decide upon a name, with the style of "NJ Supermarkets" with the photo 'snapshots' and such.

      Tell me if you have any more!

    5. I like the second option a lot. What we could do, then, is post any content either one of us comes up with (relating to A&P, of course) there. Kind of like Acme Style does. If you create the blog, you can set it so that we are both considered authors, so either can add material.

      And by the way, I'm currently working on a set of spreadsheets with listings of former locations for all A&P banners. Pathmark, Superfresh, Food Basics, and The Food Emporium are done (at least for now), and Waldbaum's and A&P are in progress.

      If you email me, I can put some of this planning into a Google Doc and share it with you. Let me know what works for you!


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