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Snapshot: Right Product, Wrong Store

These Bogopa croissants, made by a manufacturer in Canada, somehow found their way into the bread aisle of the Superfresh Food World in Belleville, NJ. Bogopa is the storebrand of Food Bazaar Supermarkets.
We're back to the regular schedule on Monday with a new northern NJ store tour!


  1. The store brand mix-up probably explains why they're a Manager's Special! And, oof, those are croissants? They almost look like the consistency of bagels. Too bad-- 2/$5 is a good deal!

    1. Yeah, except they're often on sale at the Elizabeth Food Bazaar for 2/$4. Funny because Superfresh Food World tends to be a little cheaper than Food Bazaar, I think. And none of these so-called "mini croissants" are remotely near what a croissant should be. You're best off sticking to the bakery if you want croissants!


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