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Memorabilia: ShopRite Bandages

I have a bunch of memorabilia to post, so for the next few weeks we'll be seeing something different every Wednesday. Today we're looking at a package of ShopRite bandages...
While I can't date this exact package, it's from between 1994 and 2002. I found it at my grandmother's house. Her local ShopRite opened in 1994 and the logo was changed in 2002.
Far superior to the current storebrand bandage package ShopRite uses, if you ask me. I love that font they use for the "Sheer Plastic Strips".


  1. Too bad that the ShopRite medical supplies will be swapped out with Top Care soon. And they still use that font for ShopRite... it's on most of their trucks today.

    My guess is that this package is from 1994... if I remember correctly, ShopRite changed their branded packaging in '95 or '96, so it would make sense. And can I come over to your grandmother's house (just kidding)? Looks like she has a lot of memorabilia... most people just throw this stuff away.

    1. Oh, I didn't know about that redesign. Yes, then, that would make sense. Thanks!

      Yeah, most of ShopRite's trucks still use that font, but the new ones use a much less interesting design:


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