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Snapshot: Arenas Farmer's Market - Summit, NJ

Summit, NJ is one of the wealthiest communities in the state, with a median family income of more than $145,000. However, just outside of the upscale downtown shopping area is a small neighborhood that's significantly lower-income and has a fairly large Hispanic population. This neighborhood is also home to a new corner grocery store, Arenas Farmer's Market (1 Ashwood Ave).
When I'm in this one-block stretch of Ashwood Ave, I get a strong feeling that I'm in a small town in Pennsylvania, not in one of the top towns for "Manhattan's financial elite" (to quote Wikipedia). And by the way, that blue sign originally said WINES LIQUORS--WNS is not the name of the store.
Unlike many corner grocery stores, Arenas also has a small selection of fresh produce. They carry plenty of grocery items and even some frozen foods. Plus, the staff is extremely friendly!