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Snapshot: City Fresh Market - White Plains, NY

This City Fresh Market, at 68 W Post Rd in White Plains, NY, opened around 2015 in a store previously called only "Supermarket" on the front. The Cherry Valley Marketplace and City Fresh Market stores are owned by A&E Supermarket Group and are partially supplied by General Trading Co. of Carlstadt, NJ (but remain under the operation of Associated Supermarket Group).
This store is quite small. It also doesn't have a parking lot, and the piled snow around made parking difficult. However, most shoppers at this store don't drive to the supermarket, but live in the neighborhood and walk.
This side street, at the top of the hill, becomes residential, but Post Road (straight ahead) is a commercial street. This store is, in fact, strangely similar in layout to the Ridgefield Market.
Despite the store's small size, it is a full-service supermarket. And because A&E is awesome, we can get 360-degree views inside almost all of their stores on Google Maps. So let's take a look inside!

You enter on the far side of the store, into the small but well-stocked produce department. Butcher and deli line the back wall, with dairy and frozen in the last aisle.


  1. I really love how more companies are adding 360 views and even 'street view' styled tours on Google Maps... I was able to tour a whole Foodtown without even going a foot near it! And you get the effect, too, with the ceilings and people. Those are often left out of photographs.

    1. Yeah, I agree! Although, of course, nothing beats being there in person. Which Foodtown?


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