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Revisit: Super Supermarket - Orange, NJ

Welcome back to Orange, NJ! This 1950s Acme is now one of the five Super Supermarket locations in New Jersey. We saw a full tour in October 2017. However, there is one big change since then.
A visit at the end of December 2017 showed the store with plenty of festive flags. Not sure what we're celebrating, exactly, but it's nice.
And from the same visit, here's a slightly better picture than before of the 1950s Acme tower sign. The real change, which I saw only at the beginning of this May, is inside.

The flooring, which was previously really awful, is now very nice. Some parts of the store were literally patched with duct tape and cardboard. As of May 4th, about 1/2 of the grocery aisles and the front-end had been redone. The back aisle, produce aisle, and first few grocery aisles still have the white vinyl tiles. The store, which is located at 53 S Jefferson St in Orange is also stocking an increasing number of organic and specialty products (reflecting the fact that there is significant new development along the train line, which goes directly to New York City), although the focus is still lower-end.


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    1. Sure does. I'm assuming (and hoping) they'll do the whole store. I haven't been back for a while, so I'm not sure.


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