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Food Bazaar, Coming and Going


  • We've already reported that Food Bazaar will be opening in the former Met Foods at 251 Mulberry St in Manhattan, NY, supposedly this November. Having not heard anything further about that project, I can't confirm or deny that. It will be their first store in Manhattan. The real estate company doesn't seem to be in any rush to update their property brochure, and no official announcement from Bogopa has come yet.
  • I've heard that the buildout has started for the new Food Bazaar on Flatlands Ave in Brooklyn, NY, which has been listed as "coming soon" on the Food Bazaar website for almost two full years now. It's a former Pathmark that was supposed to open with the rest (163rd St, Fairview, North Bergen, Brentwood, and Elizabeth) but never did.
  • An entity was incorporated on August 23, 2017 called Bogopa Linden Inc. Most of the Food Bazaar stores are owned by corporations called Bogopa XXX Inc., such as Bogopa LIC Inc. for the Long Island City store, Bogopa Concourse Inc., for the Grand Concourse store, or Bogopa Kennedy Inc. for the North Bergen store on Kennedy Blvd. The business was registered with headquarters in Kings County, NY (Brooklyn, where Bogopa/Food Bazaar has their corporate offices), but for operation in Queens county (Queens, NY). This fact, combined with the name, suggests that Bogopa is at least considering opening a Food Bazaar at 133-40A 79th St, Howard Beach, Queens, NY, the site of the short-lived Foodtown/Shop Fair of Howard Beach as a Food Bazaar. It's the only logical choice given the name. That Foodtown had never-ending supply problems, so the shelves were always empty. A switch to Retail Grocers Group's new Shop Fair banner did no good, and the store closed this past summer.


  • Rumors are circulating that the Food Bazaar of Williamsburg at 21 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY has been bought by the owners of Kosher wholesale grocer Bingo Wholesale. However, I don't know if there's any truth to this because that doesn't seem logical given Food Bazaar's recent major renovation there, and the fact that these rumors circulated this past February with no action taken yet as far as I know.
Any additional input or info is welcomed!