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Happy Halloween!


Elizabeth Food Bazaar is showing its Halloween spirit with this elaborate display out in front of the store. It's actually not for sale, although the pumpkins on the side are. And the mums along the storefront are...
Food Bazaar must not be too concerned about shoplifting even though it's not the best area late at night. However, the store is open 24 hours and there's always security on site, 24/7. Also, look a little closer at what's holding up the display and the mums...yes, those are old Pathmark produce cases! Photos from my 10/7/17 visit.


  1. Happy Belated Halloween! And you answered my question right in your post! I knew I recognized those produce cases. They had similar ones in the A&P in Clinton back in the day... (yes, 2015). These are in much worse condition.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, Food Bazaar always has some kind of merchandise on display outside here, so because they got all new cases inside, they can use these old ones. It helps that the store is open 24 hours, so they don't have to worry about bringing everything in every night.

    2. Yep. At my local Acme in Doylestown, PA, they have to do hourly checks on the outside merchandise because of the high foot traffic in the area.


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