Saturday, October 28, 2017

More Supermarkets Coming Soon!

A New ShopRite for Elmwood Park

A proposed redevelopment of the Kmart (ex-Grandway) in the city formerly known as East Paterson consists of a standalone 64,000 square foot ShopRite supermarket on the property of the department store, which hasn't even officially closed yet. The next block west on Broadway was previously the site of the famous Grand Union supermarket and offices, now demolished for a strip mall. The next block west after that contains a Pathmark-turned-ACME that must be thrilled about the ShopRite coming...

Something's Up in Dunellen

But we don't know what yet. The Crossroads Companies have announced a transit-centered development in downtown Dunellen to be anchored by a large supermarket (size unspecified). Love the competition map on the second page -- still lists A&P and Pathmark alongside the brand-new South Plainfield ShopRite, still has the old Stop & Shop logo, and forgoes the correct Tropical Supermarket logo for that of the Florida chain Sabor Tropical.


  1. I haven't even heard that the Elmwood Park KMart was going to shut down. And that location is pretty much in between two other Shoprites(Fair Lawn and Paramus.) And on the note of the Fair Lawn Shoprite, I hve been saying they should move into the former Fair Lawn Pathmark since they went out, the location is bigger than their current location, which is in desperate need of a renovation.

    1. Neither did I, which is a little strange. But it's a Kmart, so I guess its life is limited anyway. I agree about the Fairlawn ShopRite -- the real estate company that owns the Pathmark says there's a 70,000 square foot tenant taking over the old Pathmark but hasn't released a name yet. I wouldn't be surprised if it is the ShopRite.

    2. I guess Shoprite just really enjoys putting the nail in the coffin for it's competitors. It's too bad, that KMart wasn't too awful, and from what I've seen, actually got decent crowds. But KMart is just killing itself at this point. And my only concern with the Shoprite moving, is that we'll be left with another vacancy, which was my concern with the Wayne location moving to the old Wayne Hills Mall, why fill a vacancy by causing another vacancy? But the Wayne location is in better condition than Fair Lawn.

  2. I think that a Walmart will do great in that locations, since there are already two shoprites in between and an acme just down the block.