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Photo of the Day!

We're back with another Photo of the Day, this time of a store that can't last much longer...
This Pioneer in Manhattan, NYC has several strikes against it:
  • It's in Manhattan.
  • It's a Pioneer.
  • It's ancient.
But it's still a cool store.


  1. Is this the Pioneer on Columbus Ave. at 70-something street? If so, I was actually in this place a few times back in the late 2000's during trips into the city. I thought it was a neat store, and I agree, it was really old. I still have a bag I saved from here.

    1. You got it, Columbus and 74th. As you can see, not much has changed in the past, decades, I guess!

    2. I can say it hasn't changed much since 2008, although I'm sure this place was considered dated even back in 1978! The exterior just has a 40's/50's vibe to it.

    3. You're probably right. I don't think there's all that much competition in this immediate neighborhood, so I think it does all right.

      As a Pioneer, it was part of the now-defunct White Rose group, and in the bankruptcy about 2-3 years ago, Associated Supermarket Group bought out the retail cooperative end of White Rose. So now Pioneer and Met Foods (another outdated group) are under a subgroup of ASG, called Metropolitan City Foods. I doubt MCF will make it much longer as a group, but the owners could always switch to another group.


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