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Look Inside: Bay Ridge Mini Supermarket - Bay Ridge

Just in the next block south from A&D and A&S is another small grocery store, this one targeting yet a different ethnic group.
This Mini Supermarket is really a greengrocer with a large grocery selection, although it's true that it sells more dry goods than most greengrocers.
Displaying all your (really specific) offerings on the awning or storefront sign makes them sound so much better. Mexican food! Beer! Smoothies! Juice! Flowers!
The store's inconsistent use of plurals is interesting--only one cigarette and one vegetable but lots of flowers and smoothies, or what if you come after they take their daily food stamp?--and probably stems from the fact that in Korean, there is no plural version of nouns (most greengrocers in NYC are Korean).
I cannot explain the TORtIllas, however. Bay Ridge Mini Supermarket is located at 8006 5th Ave.