Tuesday, December 18, 2018

TOUR: The Food Emporium - Bay Ridge

Shop Fair (now Olive Tree Marketplace) has tough competition with a much larger Key Food affiliate just in the next block.
This store, which opened as The Brooklyn Market with America's Food Basket, has since switched to the Food Emporium banner under Key Food. Originally opening in the fall of 2013, The Brooklyn Market combined several smaller storefronts into a full-size supermarket.
The Food Emporium also has a prime location on the corner and also runs a free private parking lot across the street.
As you can tell from what the store promotes on the outside, you're in for an upscale shopping experience. No stacks of Goya cans or scuffed floors in The Food Emporium!
 The store is currently co-branded with both the Brooklyn Market and The Food Emporium logos.
Old scenes of Brooklyn street markets set the tone in the front windows. And you can see the reflection of the "free parking" sign in the center of the window.
I'm pretty sure this is the first time I saw a sign for "healthy food" on a storefront! Here you can also see the co-branded logo with both banners.
A newly-installed Food Emporium logo marks the entrance to the store on the left side of the storefront. Deli/cheese and prepared foods line the first aisle, with produce in the second aisle and bakery, meat, and seafood along the back wall.
You are greeted to the store with the smell of the bulk coffee bar, which is quite pleasant if you like coffee. Which I don't. But anyway.
The left side wall of the store is home to the extensive cheese, sushi, and deli counters.
All the fixtures (as well as the products inside) are super-high-end.
Bakery is located at the back of the first aisle. The selection of store-baked breads is particularly nice.
The three-level cases are also an excellent use of fairly limited space.
Beautiful multi-tiered produce cases as well.
It's somewhat jarring to see the Key to Savings event poster hanging from those wood beams in the ceiling. But I guess that's why this format works, as a store owner you get the best of both worlds.
Lots and lots of very fresh vegetables.
Closeup of the extensive details on the ceiling. A lot of money must have gone into building this store.
And a closeup of the produce cases.
Seafood and butcher along the back wall.
Even the meat is attractively displayed.
Frozen foods are actually in the aisle right next to produce.
I'd appreciate the signage being straightened, but it's attractive nonetheless.
Herringbone pattern on the floor throughout the store.
Large selection of natural and organic HABA, which is pretty remarkable since most similar stores (and most Key Food stores) do not really carry much or any HABA.
 Here's a quick look along the back wall. The store actually only has five aisles, or eight with deli, produce, and frozen foods counted.
Dairy takes up the last aisle and part of the front wall.
The detail is absolutely incredible in almost every aspect of the design.
Here we're looking to the front wall of the store. Registers are just to the right in the above photo.
Small front end, whose signs still show only the Brooklyn Market logo.
And last but not least, here's the impressive selection of protein bars next to the exit.

The Food Emporium

8102 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY
Open Daily 7AM-10PM
(718) 567-8600

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  1. Very cool-looking store! The co-branding is interesting as well.

    And ha, glad someone else out there doesn't like coffee :P

    1. Yes! Interestingly, there is now a straight Brooklyn Market (no Food Emporium branding) in Dobbs Ferry, NY, although it's also run through Key Food. I don't know how the decision is made...maybe they decided it's too expensive to license the Food Emporium name.