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Snapshot: A&S Deli & Meat Market - Bay Ridge

Here in Bay Ridge, "A" sure got around. What do I mean? Well, he co-founded A&A Produce Farms, A&S Deli & Meat Market here, and the A&D Turkish Market we're going to see tomorrow. I mean, they're all within the same two blocks or so, so he didn't have to travel far.
It's not often that you see a Greek grocery store. At least, it's not often that I do. I know of maybe one other, which is The Greek Store in Kenilworth, NJ, an excellent family-run store with great foods. But not a supermarket.
Now, neither is A&S here in Bay Ridge. But the blog is no longer NJ Supermarkets, so it seems fitting I should cover a store that's not in New Jersey and not a supermarket, post-rebrand, of course. A&S Deli & Meat Market is at 7918 5th Ave.