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Snapshot: Sakman Grill & Gourmet - Bay Ridge

There aren't many grocery stores on 4th Ave in Bay Ridge. Most are either on 3rd or 5th. However, we will see three, the first being this newly-renovated bodega at 6821 4th Ave at the corner of Bay Ridge Ave (which, by the way, is an east-west avenue).
The Sakman Deli Grill Grill & Gourmet Food Basket Organic Food (just choose whichever combination of words there you like) focuses mostly on its deli and prepared foods, although there is a small grocery selection as well as a little bit of fresh produce, if I remember correctly.
Despite the fact that the store is newly renovated inside and out, it still smelled like old cigarette smoke and rotten food inside. But it does have a good location, at the Bay Ridge Ave subway stop.
You enter on the right and the main deli section lines the right-side wall, with some grocery in the back.