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TOUR: ShopRite - Bronx, NY

Now for our second store tour here in the Bronx! This ShopRite, which is owned by Village Super Market of Springfield, NJ, replaced a longtime Key Food that closed in 2015. The ShopRite then opened in 2018.
At just 35,000 square feet, it is not a very large store, but it does have a slightly larger footprint than the Key Food it replaced. A reminder of how dense this area is with supermarkets...
It is, however, worth noting that most residents of this neighborhood are primarily walking to do their grocery shopping, so there are still large swaths of the area that are not covered. (Interestingly, news stories covering Key Food's closure almost all neglect the existence of Met Foodmarkets just to the southwest, instead focusing on the larger Western Beef to the northwest.)
This was my first time seeing these cart corrals, and the carts are brand-new too. The whole shopping mall, as you can see here, is undergoing extensive renovations.
You enter to a sushi department with a sandwich counter on the side in an island. Produce lines the right side of the aisle with bakery/deli/seafood in the back corner. Meats line the back wall with dairy and frozen at the far end of the store. There are only two checkout lines, one for express and one for regular, which lead to a series of registers -- an interesting layout choice I haven't seen in many other places.
Here we can see customer service and floral, along with the front of the produce department. Sushi and subs are off-camera to the right here.
The decor and merchandising is really great here. This decor package has found its way into a few older Village stores as well, such as the location in the Essex Green Mall.
Bakery and seafood on the side wall, with deli on the back wall. It's actually a relatively small bakery, but it's a much larger selection than most of the other area supermarkets have. Remember, Food Bazaar (larger by 10,000 square feet) didn't even have a bakery.
Awesome sign here! Although they don't have quite as large a seafood department as Food Bazaar's, it's still a nice touch.
Nice New York touches here at the deli department. The 6 line runs along Westchester Avenue.
Oddly, there is a drop ceiling along the back wall of the store only. The grocery aisles have a higher exposed ceiling...
Nice neutral flooring that's not white, too, in the grocery aisles.
Beautiful frozen department, obviously all of the fixtures here and throughout the store are brand-new.
Milk in the back corner of the store, with the rest of dairy on the outside wall of the store.
More great decor and branding! We've seen work by Off the Wall, this design firm, previously. And even right here in the Bronx!
I love the dairy cases with doors! Very nice touch.
And here's a look at the register setup.
Regular registers on the dairy side of the store and express (with some self) on the produce side.
And some fantastic brand-based merchandising here along the front wall formed by the checkout layout! Registers are on the other side of this shelving.
That about wraps up our tour of this ShopRite here at Bruckner Plaza! We'll be heading down Bruckner Blvd for two more stores over the next two days before we jump down to Brooklyn, so stay tuned!

ShopRite of Bruckner Blvd

1994 Bruckner Blvd, Bronx, NY

Open Daily 6am-12am
(718) 794-1690
Photographed July 2018


  1. A couple of the Hannaford stores around here tried this register setup for a time, though I believe they only did one line (since whoever was coordinating would send the next customer to whatever cashier was available, it didn't really matter the size of the order).

    They did have a couple self checkouts as well, but those were separated by Customer Service, so they weren't included in the line.

    Those stores have now gone back to a more standard setup, though.

    1. Interesting. I have never seen a store that keeps the system permanently, so we'll see whether they keep it here.

  2. Awesome décor indeed! Clearly, I am in love with this design firm :) The candy displays are pretty neat, too. Never seen those before.

    1. This design firm is awesome! I love their work. And I agree! The merchandising is fantastic here.


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