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Snapshot: Tops Friendly Markets - Clifton Springs, NY

As much as I love the independent stores, the truth is they can be hard to find. So after our brief interruption of Tops coverage, we are back with a new snapshot of a Tops that you'll find as you continue east along the INT-90 corridor.
Clocking in at under 15,000 square feet, this Tops is surely one of the smallest locations out there. It does, however, look to be rather nicely renovated on the inside.
This plaza is actually far smaller than it looks, as the storefronts to the right are extremely shallow. The whole strip is only 23,000 square feet.
Apologies for the odd discoloring in the sky, my phone was kind of acting up here.
This Tops is located at 3 Clifton Springs Plaza, Clifton Springs, NY.

Photographed August 2018