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TOUR: Rennoldson's Shop 'n Save - Naples, NY

Now it's time for another store tour at a very nice local small-town supermarket! These are the stores I love the most, because they're so unique -- to the area and even to the town.
Full disclosure: I first visited this store one night and found a lot of empty shelves, a generally disorganized store, and rather grumpy service. I don't blame them, as I believe I came in pretty close to closing. I then returned during the day and was very happy to find a clean, fully stocked store with much better service too. I always do my best to show the store in its best state, so I tried to replace any pictures showing the store in bad condition with new pictures of it in better condition, so these were taken over the course of a few days.
The storefront faces the parking lot, with produce on the left wall (facing the street). Aisles run parallel to the front wall of the store, with meat/deli on the far right wall.
Here you can see how the store fits into the small downtown of Naples (which, by the way, is an extremely pleasant town with some great restaurants, too -- more on that later).
Previously Bob & Irv's ShurFine, the store is now Rennoldson's Market Shop 'n Save. I've seen multiple variations thereof (Rennoldson's Shop 'n Save, Rennoldson's Market, Shop 'n Save, etc). We can still see what's left on the back wall of the store here...
Formerly, Home of ShurFine Quality Products.
Small mural painted on the back wall of the store. It's a very nice touch!
The side facing the street still has the Bob & Irv's name.
Just for comparison, this drawing hung inside the store shows what the place would have originally looked like. The expansion on the right side now has the entrance and exit on the wall facing the parking lot, and although the doors facing the back of the store still exist, they have been blocked off. Good choice.
These doors are no longer in use, and carts are stored inside. Let's head in!
You enter to the produce on the left (street) side of the store.
Notice the new(-ish) Shop 'n Save branding on the department signs (Sunnyfields Produce here).
I love the chalkboards! Gives it a very small-town market feel.
Some more Shop 'n Save branding here farther down produce.
Nice displays here in the first aisle...
Frozen foods line the back wall, with a little bit on the produce wall.
Unfortunately, the signage doesn't necessarily match what's being displayed. Oh well.
Some very nice new freezer cases here on the back wall though. And a nice and clean aisle!
Looks like these aisle markers are also new when the store became Shop 'n Save affiliated. They're nice and they match the departmental signage well.
Meats on the side wall of the store, opposite produce. The service deli is in the front right corner of the store...
Nice deli! Dairy then runs along the front wall of the store on this side of the front end.
And although there's no real bakery department, they do bake in-store and the baked goods are great!
And that about wraps up our tour! Here's a look at the front-end before we head out.

Rennoldson's Shop 'n Save

136 S Main St, Naples, NY

Open Daily 8am-9pm

(585) 474-8372
Photographed August 2018