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Snapshot: ALDI - Painted Post, NY

Just about three miles west of Corning, NY (yes, home of Corning Glass and the spectacular Corning Museum of Glass), we find this ALDI. I've seen it referred to as both Painted Post and Gang Mills, but I'm going with what Google Maps says.
This ALDI has the latest decor, which we saw in Livingston. I don't really have much else to say about it; I find ALDI incredibly boring but not unpleasant to shop in.
The building, however, is on the older side (it has been remodeled), so it's not particularly exciting. Some of the newer ALDI locations are quite nice. This location, for instance, takes up half of a former Tops in Rochester.
This location is at 3133 Silverback Ln, Painted Post, NY.

Photographed August 2018