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TOUR: Wegmans Food Markets - Canandaigua, NY

Today's store tour is a Wegmans on the other end of town from yesterday's Tops. I have mentioned this, but I don't love Wegmans. That said, this store is still pretty great. I just find Tops to be a better supermarket, and I like for instance that their baked goods tend to have fewer preservatives and additives. (Yes, I'm looking at you, chocolate chip cookies.)
At over 120,000 square feet, this location is far larger than the Tops.
As is standard in most Wegmans, you enter to a wide produce aisle. Bakery and meat/seafood line the left side, with deli/prepared foods on the right side. Grocery aisles continue to the left of bakery and seafood, with dairy and meat on the back wall. Pharmacy is located in an island in the grocery aisles.
Although Wegmans has been using substantially the same decor for quite a while now, it is very attractive decor. And the facilities are quite nice.
Beautiful wide produce aisle. Once again, I was here at nighttime, so you might notice some empty shelves and closed departments. Nothing against the store.
Here's a look at the bakery department on the left side of the produce department. Grocery aisles run behind the department to the left, with checkouts lining the front wall to the left.
Customer service located on the front wall.
A look from the entrance area to produce.
Subs and pizza, Wegmans prepared foods staples, run along the front wall of the store to the right of the entrance.
Sushi and deli run along the right side of the produce aisle. If you go to the right here, you encounter the Burger Bar and the seating areas (of which there are multiple, including an outdoor patio).
Cheese is in the back right corner (kind of an odd, out-of-the-way place to put it, if you ask me), with meat on the back wall.
Again, this was late evening. The store doesn't keep its shelves empty (although others we've seen do, sometimes). Here you can see the expanse of grocery store along the back wall of the building.
Seafood on the other side of the produce department.
The bright and shiny orange floor certainly gives the back aisle of the store a certain vibrancy!
Pretty stunning local/seasonal display here!
End of the grocery aisles and beer in the back left corner opposite cheese (back right).
A look along the back wall, back towards the produce aisle.
Pretty standard but incredibly clean grocery aisles. And as in many large supermarkets, the aisles are divided in half across the store.
And you can't forget the taffy department:
Lots of general merchandise on the front end, which feels a little bit like dead space. Freezer cases run along the front wall beyond GM in the corner.
What other supermarket has a Sport Shop department?!
More huge departments over at pharmacy/HABA...
And oddly, the CSR stand where the front-end manager stays is behind the checkouts, in front of the pharmacy. That setup doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me, as the manager would then have to excuse him or herself to squeeze by the customer in the register to attend to the cashier, rather than simply entering from behind.
That about wraps up our tour of the Wegmans in Canandaigua! More Finger Lakes content is going to take us through this week and most of next week, so stay tuned!

Wegmans Food Markets

345 Eastern Blvd, Canandaigua, NY

Open 24 Hours
(585) 394-4820
Photographed August 2018


  1. Fun Fact: This is a replacement location. They were originally located at 699-709 Main St., which has been subdivided and is currently an unnamed plaza which houses Macri's Deli & Café, The PC Wireless Shoppe, Vineyards Wine & Spirits, and Canandaigua National Bank & Trust.

  2. Ah, okay. Thanks for the info! I drove by that building a few times and figured it looked like an old supermarket, but I didn't know that for sure.


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