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Streetside Sights & Scenes: Around the Finger Lakes

Well, I got to spend a whole week up here in the Finger Lakes, but you all didn't! I know we have readers from across the country here, so I wanted to give you all a look at the region apart from its supermarkets -- to be your tour guide, if you will. I hope this is fun and/or interesting!
To begin with, here's a view of Canandaigua Lake from a location just outside of the town of Naples. This is the area where I stayed, so it's where most of my non-supermarket pictures are going to be from.
The Finger Lakes area definitely has beautiful scenic views of the various lakes (from west to east: Conesus, Hemlock, Canadice, Honeoye, Canandaigua, Keuka, Seneca, Cayuga, OwascoSkaneateles, and Otisco), but it also has some gorgeous scenery available to hikers through its forests.
Meanwhile, because there is so much water in the area, there is flowing water everywhere you look. These waterfall pictures come from Grimes Glen (I think...?), a small park located just outside Naples.
And while you're in Naples, why not stop for a bite to eat at the excellent Bob & Ruth's Vineyard? You'll find delicious food, warm service, and an interior not substantially changed in many decades.
Oh, and ice cream. Which is always good.

Thanks for reading our Finger Lakes group! We'll be heading to a very different part of New York state for the next approximately three months, so get ready!


  1. Amazing photos! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Thank YOU! I figured, why not? We can take a break from supermarkets for a day!


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