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Coming Soon!

Going from the Finger Lakes directly into our new set of stores, which is just too many to call it a group. The next approximately three months will be spent seeing 89 supermarkets and grocery stores across all five boroughs. The photos have been collected over the course of about two years (summer 2016-summer 2018) but most come from a single day in July 2018.

ALSO...we're going to be mixing things up from here on out. The Market Report will continue to do what it's always done, but there are two changes.

Former supermarkets will now be featured on Grocery Archaeology, available at I'll post here as well as on social media when we have a post on Grocery Archaeology so that you can go and check it out!

Independent stores (generally with five or fewer locations, although that's kind of a dynamic definition) will now be featured on The Independent Edition, available at!

We're starting with the Bronx (unfortunately, we only have five in the Bronx although more will be coming later), then moving through Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island in that order. Tomorrow's post, kicking us off in the Bronx, will be featured over at The Independent Edition!

A note on posting: there will be a post on at least one of the three blogs every day. The vast majority will still be here on The Market Report, but the others will feature assorted stores as well.


  1. Ah, cool! Guess I need to add another blog to my subscription list now :)

  2. Any idea why new posts aren't showing up in my Blogger Reading List, though? :( Haven't had one show up since Friday's Streetside Sights and Scenes post...

    1. I'm not too familiar with how the Blogger Reading list works, so I can't really help you, sorry.


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