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Snapshot: Price Rite Marketplace - University Ave, Rochester, NY

Our first post of the Finger Lakes group is this Price Rite Marketplace on University Ave in Rochester, NY! (Yes, I know Rochester isn't really part of the Finger Lakes. Too bad.)
The hard-discount branch of famous New Jersey chain ShopRite has made it all the way up here to Rochester, with two stores in the city. At the time of my drive-by, this location at 1230 University Ave in Rochester was in transition from the old look to the new, sleeker Price Rite Marketplace look.
If you zoom in, you can see the store was actually being painted the day of my visit with what amounts to professional-grade painter's tape over the edges of the logo.
Unfortunately, I don't have interior photographs, but I have documented both the old and new looks in the Boston and Worcester areas in Massachusetts, so stay tuned!

Photographed August 2018