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Snapshot: Former Giant - NW Washington DC

Here's a quick look at a former Giant Food supermarket in a small shopping center in Washington DC, located on Massatuchetts -- uh, I mean, Massachusetts -- Avenue NW (start the video at 6:10, or watch the whole thing if you like Merrie Melodies!).
The store is now a CVS and is located at 4851 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington DC. As a matter of fact, I had initially thought this might have been a modified Grand Union, due to the slanted roof and the arches along the facade, but it was actually a Giant Food.


  1. I went ahead and watched the whole video :P My dad has occasionally said "Oh Belvedere" before - now I know where it comes from!

    1. Great! Yes, that's a look at my one of my other interests -- old cartoons. So many great references that come from them!


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