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Snapshot: Stop & Shop - Elizabeth, NJ

Diagonally across the street from the awesome Twin City Supermarket in Elizabeth, NJ is a Stop & Shop as bland and boring as they come. Twin City has so much more personality, and history -- and selection of ethnic and specialty foods.
I initially showed this graphic on the tour of Twin City, but I'm repeating it here to show what we're looking at today. As I said in the initial caption to this map, the Stop & Shop was built as an Edwards Super Food Store in the 1990s, then Stop & Shop opened in the early 2000s.
I think the treatment of the stores reflects what they deserve -- Twin City gets a full tour with lots of photos, Stop & Shop gets a few drive-by photos that are either blurry or blocked by a bunch of telephone poles. Fair enough.
This store, located at 801 Newark Ave, is huge, cavernous, and deadly boring. At least the prices are low.
This store immediately borders the vacant Burry Biscuits property.