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TOUR: Dutch-Way Farm Market - Schaefferstown, PA

We're taking a trip out to the tiny town of Schaefferstown, PA to check out its one and only supermarket. Schaefferstown is in southeastern PA, about 20 miles north of Lancaster and 25 miles west of Reading. It's a rural community of about 1000 people (and one Dutch-Way Farm Market supermarket). These pictures are from the summer of 2016.
Dutch-Way is a chain of three supermarkets and one hardware store. This location also has a restaurant inside in a foyer between the entrance and the exit. Contrary to what you might think looking at this facade, Dutch-Way is actually a pretty standard supermarket. However, it does have some interesting touches thrown in. Heading in, the first department we encounter is bakery in the front right corner. Produce and bulk foods continue along the right side of the store with meat and seafood along the back wall and dairy and frozen at the far side.
We're looking at the side wall here. This decor looks like a big-chain store, although it's probably not.
Looking back up to the entrance. The bulk foods area was the most interesting in the store, with over 400 varieties as the circular boasts.
The produce selection was surprisingly extensive for a smaller rural supermarket, although the single-tiered cases probably also make it look like there's more than there actually is.
At the end of the first aisle is deli, with a service butcher/seafood counter next to that.
Again, surprising that an independent rural supermarket would have a full-service seafood department. These fixtures are mostly brand-new.
The store uses the Best Yet and, if I remember correctly, Full Circle organic products.
The rest of the store is pretty standard with well-stocked and clean grocery aisles. Meat continues along the back wall in recently-replaced cases.
On the other hand, the floor needs to be replaced. It's in nice condition, but outdated in style. The store would look fantastic with fake wood flooring.
The frozen foods cases have not been replaced. These coffin cases are both energy inefficient and selection inefficient, since they only allow a limited amount of merchandise to be displayed.
Milk, also in brand-new cases, is in the back corner as usual. I like the simple signage here and the spot lights in the ceiling!
The rest of the dairy selection, in older cases, is in the last aisle.
Quick look along the front-end before we head out of this slightly strange, slightly disappointing, but clean and complete supermarket!

Dutch-Way Farm Market

2495 Stiegel Pk, Schaefferstown, PA
Open Mon-Thurs 7AM-9PM, Fri 7AM-10PM, Sat 7AM-9PM; Closed Sun
(717) 949-3400
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  1. Definitely has the appearance of the stereotype of a 90s supermarket, in many ways!

    1. Yes! The emphasis on pink and purple, the checkerboard floors, the script first letter on the department signs. It's not a bad look, just outdated.


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