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Look Inside: Amish Cupboard - Buena Vista, VA

Downtown Buena Vista, VA, has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Despite its small-town charm and historic buildings, it has clearly been hit by hard times. Most commercial spaces in downtown are vacant. On the outskirts of the downtown area is this independent grocery store, the Amish Cupboard. Unfortunately, it permanently closed in October of 2018.
It wasn't a full supermarket, as it didn't sell fresh meat or a large selection of dairy or frozen. But it was definitely a grocery store.
The movie theater next door was also out of business at the time of my visit.
Now for a quick look around...
Lots of bulk foods, a small deli-bakery counter at the back, and a few other grocery items. The cookies were fantastic!
There are three aisles.
Bulk foods available in the first aisle. The store was located at 2265 Beech Ave.


  1. This store reminds me of Junior's Red Mills Market in Mahopac Falls! Lots of grocery, and a small deli. Even the discreet look.

    1. Good point! I'd like to get to that store at some point, since I've heard they've fixed it up pretty nice. Unfortunately, I'm rarely up in that area.


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