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Look Inside: Compare Foods - Port Chester, NY

Returning to Port Chester for today's Look Inside. Just outside of downtown (which includes an enormous shopping mall with a Stop & Shop, which I have not visited) is this small store which opened around 2015 in a previously vacant building that probably started life as an industrial space. It operated briefly as a Met Foodmarkets before converting to Compare Foods.
The store is very nice inside, if a little dim, but that's mostly a symptom of the old building it's in. There's a large hot food bar, along with a deli and a butcher. The outside really looks great! The most interesting aspect of the interior, though, is that they are using old Pathmark aisle markers throughout...
The part of the aisle marker that would have read "save" is now covered with a Compare Foods logo. Honestly, I think these aisle markers look better with Compare Foods than with the old Pathmark branding!
Interestingly, although there was a Pathmark in Port Chester, the Key Food that acquired it kept the aisle markers. These must be from a different Pathmark. The store is located at 155 Irving Ave, Port Chester.

Photographed February 2017