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Look Inside: Roanoke City Market - Roanoke, VA

As usual, the last post of this group is a sort of bonus post, one that's not exactly a supermarket or grocery store, but something I found interesting nonetheless. In this case, it's a public market building that's been very nicely restored.
The Roanoke City Market is pretty much directly across the street from the Downtown Co-Op. The public market extends from the building seen here out across the street into the outdoor pedestrian mall I referred to in the Co-Op post.
Inside, there are several vendors and restaurants with a common seating area in the middle.
Here's a look at what the main interior section of the building looks like.
Really cool details. It's hard to tell what this was previously, but they sure did a nice job renovating it.
It's located at 32 Market Sq SE, Roanoke, VA. And that about wraps up our Virginia coverage! Check back tomorrow for a music video, as usual...