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Snapshot: Roanoke Natural Foods Co-Op - Roanoke, VA

Heading into downtown Roanoke for our last two stops on the Virginia tour. Roanoke is a great city with plenty of interesting things to do. If you happen to visit, I'd highly recommend the Taubman Museum of Art, which is an art museum in an architecturally interesting building. General admission is free, which is very nice; one of their corporate sponsors is Kroger. The Virginia Museum of Transportation is also a must-see for any road or rail fans out there. Anyway, enough about the real world! Let's see the supermarkets!
The Roanoke Downtown Co-Op is a natural foods store that's actually part of the same organization as Weaver Street Market, which we toured back in June of 2018.
The Co-Op is located on the ground floor of Center in the Square.
The store here is much smaller than Weaver Street, and is not as much of a full supermarket.
As you can see, it's part of a very attractive outdoor pedestrian mall.
The store is located at 1 Market Sq SE, Roanoke, VA.