Sunday, March 03, 2019

Snapshot: Former SuperFresh - Harrisonburg, VA

We're going to start out our Virginia group with a quick Snapshot of a former SuperFresh that started out as an A&P. While this store was converted to SuperFresh in the 1980s, another A&P in Harrisonburg was converted to Farmer Jack.
Today, this location is occupied by an Ollie's Bargain Outlet.
The store is at 2255 S Main St, Harrisonburg, VA. Now for a few aerial views from Google Maps...
The former A&P/SuperFresh is in the top right corner. The strip mall to the left contains a Sharp Shopper Grocery Outlet.
Ridiculously high-quality closeup of Ollie's. Google's photos in this post are far superior to my one lonely single shot.
In this view, you can see that the original slanted facade is still intact. If I'm not mistaken, the original A&P/SuperFresh logos would have been located on the panel that's now blue.


  1. This store was built new as a SuperFresh Futurestore in the late 80's (most likely 85-), as seen today.

    As part of A&P's acquisition of Farmer Jack (Bormans), they decided to convert their few SuperFresh and A&P stores in the greater Charlottesville area to the Farmer Jack format, as the corporate (in suburban Montvale, New Jersey) thought that it would be a better fit for the agricultural-based Virginia stores... and oh boy, were they wrong!

    By February 1999, all the non-Michigan stores had closed for good, limiting Farmer Jack to the greater Detroit area- a major setback for the banner which once had stores all the way to Utah (which were later sold to Safeway in the mid-80's, pre-A&P merger)

    I hope you went inside! This location still has the classic A&P checkerboard tiling, and Sav-A-Center produce flooring! (Which can be seen on Google Maps)

    1. Thanks for the information, A&P Preservation! Unfortunately, I did not get to go inside; I was only driving by. I see what you mean from Google Maps, though.