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Snapshot: Food Lion - Buena Vista, VA

Head about four and a half miles east on US-60 from the Food Lion in Lexington and you'll hit another Food Lion, the next food store you'll encounter.
Located just outside downtown Buena Vista, the Food Lion has similarly been renovated with the latest (cheap-looking) decor package.
The Food Lion shares the building with a CVS.
You can check out the interior of the store here and here. This one also has that produce room. Is it refrigerated? Food Lion of Buena Vista is at 2150 E Midland Trl, Buena Vista, VA.


  1. The Food Lion was most likely Delhaize's discount counterpart, Bottom Dollar. Bottom Dollar stores included a refrigerated produce room, similar to the one shown.

    1. No, this store and the Lexington location were always Food Lion. I don't believe either was previously another supermarket.

    2. Odd! I have no idea what the produce room was from then. That's the only banner I've ever seen them use it in.

    3. I know, it's strange! As a matter of fact, I'm fairly certain that the room was installed in this most recent (2018) remodel. Bizarre!


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