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Look Inside: Cranberry's Grocery & Eatery - Staunton, VA

Our next stop is the small city of Staunton, VA. It's a very nice town, and especially good for walking.
Although they're shown on the same icon on this map, our store today is about 9 miles south of Taylor's Grocery.
Here's a look at downtown Staunton. (By the way, it's pronounced "Stanton.") Our store today is a small natural-foods store and café on a side street in the city.
It's a great building.
Inside, the store is honestly a little light on the "grocery," featuring a lot of housewares and other nonfood products.
The café is in the back, visible to the right above.
Small produce case on the side of the store.
Up in the front of the store. Notice the Field Day brand, which is very similar to a private label. (It's provided by UNFI, or United Natural Foods, Inc., which now owns SuperValu.) Field Day is a very good brand with a large selection, and some gourmet and upscale supermarkets use it exclusively as their private label.
Bulk herbs and spices! Cranberry's is located at 7 S New St, Staunton, VA.