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Revisit: ShopRite - West Orange, NJ

Yesterday, we saw Aron's West Orange Market, a Kosher supermarket. We're going to revisit another West Orange supermarket today, the 68,000-square-foot ShopRite of Essex Green. Originally coming to the blog in July 2018 (check out that link for before pictures), the Essex Green store has long been a favorite of mine. Recently, the store was significantly remodeled with virtually no changes outside and few changes to the layout, but some new fixtures and all-new decor.
Storefront repainted and still looking great! Let's head in...
Brand-new decor alright! (Incidentally, this decor is so new it's only in use in one other Village store, which I've also photographed and which will be coming to the blog in a little while.) The layout remains with the bakery next to the entrance.
Great sign! I like the fonts they have used here. We can also see the bakery fixtures are all new or repainted. (Some of the bakery fixtures had already been replaced at the time of my previous visit.)
Produce looking great! Modern and attractive department signage, new flooring and displays, and refurbished track lighting. In fact, all of the lighting in the store is newly-installed LED, making the store significantly and noticeably less dingy throughout.
Looking back up towards the front of the store. Fixtures here are again new but were in place at the time of my previous visit (September 2017). I had no idea at the time, though, that they were being replaced in anticipation of a total remodel.
The prepared foods department is branded The Kitchen. Like with the bakery department, the I in Kitchen is replaced by a utensil. (It's a rolling pin in Kneaded Delights.)
I didn't get a picture of it, but just around the corner to the left here is a fantastic sign for the Village Sub Shop. As you can see in each department, the textures are great and add a lot of visual interest.
The former kosher counter behind prepared foods, previously just looking unfinished and awkward, now looks completely intentional with an Experience the Unique sign! The deli is now completely Boar's Head branded, as this is one of the relatively few ShopRite stores to carry the Boar's Head line of products.
Seafood with a really cool sign just next to deli.
Once again, service butcher goes from looking accidental (the service counter is on the diagonal, not where it says "Meat Service") to completely planned. That's the beauty of planning decor based on what the store looks like! Of course, in another ten years, this decor will be outdated and directionally challenged as well.
Streamlined back wall of the store with a bold Make Tonight Family Meal Night sign. Here's what it previously looked like.
Small kosher counter remains.
That's right folks, you're looking at a Dairy sign made entirely of pictures of milk bottles mounted on plexiglass!
Like the other departments, dairy also features some exciting textures.
We'll see this again in the last aisle, along which dairy continues.
Helping families live better is Village Super Market's slogan.
Pharmacy looking the same but slightly bluer. The former Village Horticulture Market is now simply Blooms...
Unlike most supermarkets, this store does open all the registers fairly frequently. It's always jam-packed, no matter what time of day or day of the week.
A look at the new aisle markers along the front-end.
Much brighter front-end thanks to less junk blocking the windows and new LED lights. Before we wrap up, I should make a note about the Hanes shirts here. I first bought a package of them at a TJ Maxx for 4 shirts / $12.99. I liked them, and decided to check if Kohl's had them when I happened to be near one. They had a similar brand...but for $35 for a 4-pack. I was quite happy to find that 3-packs were $11.99 at this ShopRite, on sale for half price, $5.99 -- with a $1 off coupon attached to the package. They only had one package left in my size, but that sure was a better deal! This ShopRite is located at 1 Rooney Circle, in the Essex Green Mall.


  1. LOVE the décor! What an improvement!

    1. I know, it's amazing, isn't it? The whole design looks very intentional, and nothing looks out of place. I believe it's much nicer than the Livingston store (in the next town over, and same owner), even though Livingston's median household income is much higher than West Orange's. Livingston still feels pretty dingy inside.


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