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Snapshot: Market Street Market - Charlottesville, VA

Heading a little east to the larger city of Charlottesville, VA, we're going to take a look at a small independent supermarket just off the main drag.
Charlottesville is a substantial city, home to the University of Virginia. Much of the main downtown strip is a pedestrian mall.
You can rotate the Google street view to get an idea of how the downtown is laid out. This store is located just a block north of the pedestrian mall.
Like Cranberry's, this is a combination grocery store-café. However, it's much more of a supermarket than Cranberry's. Market Street Market does not use a circular, but they stock Essential Everyday and Wild Harvest products from Supervalu.
The store is pretty upscale inside, with fresh produce, cheese, a butcher and deli, prepared foods and a café, great baked goods, and gourmet grocery. (Click on the links to see interior pictures.) It's located at 400 E Market St.