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Look Inside: Davis IGA - Kent, CT

Heading about 20 miles west of Litchfield to Kent, which is right near the New York state border. It's a small town with a very nice downtown. And one supermarket. Well okay, it also has a gourmet market we're going to see tomorrow. But for now, we'll just take a look at the friendly neighborhood IGA...
The Davis IGA is a very small but very nice market that really looks to be full-service. Having been both here and the Stop & Shop in Litchfield, I would really rather shop here.
I got a very strong NYC-area feeling from this store, likely because this is a popular vacation area for many NYC folks. But this store very much feels compact like a Key Food in Brooklyn might. It even has the same look on the inside, if a little more rustic.
Regardless, if you focus on the decor, it's really not far from the Key Food Marketplace in Bay Ridge. Anyhow, this store isn't located in Bay Ridge, it's at 27 Kent Green Blvd in Kent, CT.

Photographed June 2018 (at least that's what my computer says, although I'm pretty sure it was May)