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Snapshot: 9W Farm - Haverstraw, NY

Heading about 27 miles south of Beacon for today's and tomorrow's Snapshots. By the way, please excuse any typos this post may contain. As I'm writing this, I'm sitting facing a large window and as the sun is setting, it's becoming impossible to read what's on my computer. I don't quite have the motivation to get up and move somewhere less sunny. So if my writing descends into complete nonsense, hey, now you know what it's like to be on the receiving end of one of my supermarket lectures when you are not a Market Report reader!
Today's store is a produce and fish market that looks pretty big from these pictures and Google Maps, although I haven't been inside. They have their work cut out for them, though, because they share a strip mall with an Ideal Food Basket supermarket (which we'll see tomorrow).
These stores tend to work directly with importers and suppliers rather than using an intermediary wholesaler, meaning that they are typically able to buy for lower costs by cutting out the middleman. Interestingly, sociologist Pyong Gap Min shifts this argument in his book, classifying the produce store owners as ethnic middlemen. (Claire Jean Kim, also a sociologist, rebuts this argument with her own view.)

Would you look at that! The sun has now gone below the horizon (uh, actually, below the four-story building I'm looking at) and I can see again! 9W Farm is located at 212 US-9W.

Photographed June 2017